Dog Agility Training – Weave Pole Training – Professional Dog Training Tips

In this show, Kayl McCann will show you some dog agility training exercises and in the stream tonight we’ll be talking about weave pole training! Weave poles can be a challenging obstacle on course, and Kayl is going to show you some ways to get faster weaves, as well as some simple steps you can take to fix any challenges that come up in your training! Are you struggling with your dog popping the poles? Is your agility dog missing their entry? These are just a couple of the topics that Kayl will chat about, so be sure to join us after agility classes are done for the evening and we get a chance to hang out and answer your dog agility questions! Join us in the McCann Dogs agility training facility at 10:00 PM, EST. We publish new videos every week to help you to have a well behaved four-legged family member! Don’t Forget To Subscribe: Watch our latest video HERE: Join Our Discord Server to chat: Join our FREE Monthly Training Workshop: Here Is A Link To Our Video Podcast Channel: Let’s train together! Train with us online: We Also Have A Podcast! Listen On Apple Podcasts: Listen On Spotify: Visit Our Amazon Store And See The Dog Products We Love: Are you a brand looking to showcase your dog-related product or service? Email me HERE: Thanks for watching, Happy Training! ~Ken


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