International Dog Day: Meet the Most Heroic Dogs of Bollywood

On August 26th, we celebrate International Dog Day across the world and the bond between a man and a canine is celebrated with fervour and love. A dog can win a man’s heart in no time and they are the most adorable creatures on this planet. So, take time to appreciate the happiness and love that dogs bring to our lives. There are several ways to celebrate International Dog Day. You can adopt a dog or you take your own dog to a holistic spa treatment or buy similar t-shirts for yourself and your dog. There is a lot to do, you just need to make up your mind and set out the plans. On this day, you should also do your best for the street dogs that are homeless and abused. They too deserve to be loved and respected. Go to the streets with some biscuits or pedigree and feed the street dogs. There is nothing better than feeding hungry stomachs as it is the most virtuous act. Lots of celebrities from the Bollywood industry are dog-lovers and they do not shy away from showing it the world. Many of them campaign for street dogs and many have adopted street dogs themselves. There is not a dearth of pet-lovers in Bollywood and we will take a look at 5 most famous dogs of Bollywood along with their celebrity owners.


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