Alvi cat : amazing cat facts – fur

AMAZING CAT FACTS – FUR Cats are equiped with some extraordinary tools. They are just like walking furry Swiss Army knifes! Let’s take a closer look at Alvi’s beautiful fur coat. Watch until the end, as Alvi videos usually have both a head and a tail! Sharing this video is highly appreciated and… Hit that subscrrrrribe button -including notification bell- for your fair share of laughter! Uploads three times a month: 1st day, 16th day and every second monday. Please NO sub-for-sub! If you leave a message we’ll probably visit your channel anyway. We might subscribe to channels in our own field of interest. -For those who haven’t yet seen Alvi’s most viewed video ever, watch : -Also watch our 8 minute documentary, about how Alvi was adopted from a local animal shelter : Want to support this channel? Please subscribe, share and fully watch my videos. Financial aid is also gladly accepted! Go to: Also see us on Facebook and instagram (alvicatchannel)


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