Cat stuck on the 7th floor of a building in Pune, India rescued!

We received a call for help after a cat was spotted on the 7th floor of a residential tower in Pune. We immediately rushed to rescue her after learning that the cat had been stranded on the parapet for the last 8 days! After securing the perimeter with a net, our team member Tuhin Satarkar descended from the roof towards the parapet where the cat was stranded. Terrified and confused, the cat refused to let us near her and kept climbing into a duct (which was a dead end). Helplessly, we decided to leave a cat trap with some food, hoping that the cat took the bait and entered our trap! In the evening we received a call that the cat had indeed jumped into the trap that we had left for her. We immediately got her back on safe ground and after ensuring that she was well fed and hydrated we opened the trap and let her free.


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