Cat Tries To Rescue Little Fawn, But Then Mother Comes… Kitty Won’t Stop Following!

Saving someone in need, especially out in nature, can mean the difference between life and death. Providing a little comfort can go a long way, even if it’s not really needed. A fawn was wandering the streets by itself one day, taking in the sun when it decided to take a rest. Using those long legs all day can get pretty tiring. Soon a cat shows up to investigate the strange creature, likely having never seen anything like it before. The feline seemed a little concerned that it was all by itself, but it doesn’t have to wait long for the fawn’s mother to show up. Wanting to make sure that everything’s alright, the cat continues to follow them for a while until they disappear across the street! It was nice of the cat to look out for the little fawn while its mother was away. Who knows if any of the neighborhood dogs would have done something without the cat’s protection? Share away, people!


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