Barron County Tornado Survivor Surprised with lost Dogs

Tornado survivor gets hospital reunion with lost dogs Just two days after a tornado destroyed his home, one Barron County man is reunited with two faces he thought he may never see again. Ron Belcher was a resident of Prairie Lakes Estates. He’s one of many who saw his whole life fall to the ground in the wake of Tuesday’s tornado touchdown. “These trailers, if you look around it just makes you want to cry. We lost everything we had,” said Belcher. “It came up all of a sudden and then it was so loud, and it got so dark. Your windows are already busted, and you see, like I said, the roof came off. And then things were just flying, refrigerators flying, it was just unbelievable.” Belcher said he believes he was knocked out as the tornado brought down all the walls around him. When he woke up, he said everything was gone, including his two dogs.


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